The Fascinating History of Chinese Painting. 1.

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Chinese Painting has a long-standing history. From the simple images initially painted on potters and rocks, to the ink wash paintings done on silk and Xuan paper, Chinese painting gradually forms its own aesthetic system of a distinctive national style, and finally stands towering in the art world through the continuous exploration and great efforts of numerous artists.


In ancient times, Chinese ancestors developed a rich and marvelous imaginative capacity due to long-term observation of natural phenomena. They conceived many ways to depict their impressions. For instance, sometimes they would draw a circle with a black dot in the middle as a symbol for the sun image. And to indicate sunrise in the morning, they would add beneath a straight horizontal line signifying the horizon.

From the Shiyu sites in Shuo County, Shanxi Province, that existed in the Upper Paleoliyhic Age, 30.000 years from now, people have discovered a piece of animal bone engraved with images resembling antelope, bird, hunter, etc, which show huntsmen´s desire for quarries.

The emergence of such work with life-like images marks the very origin of Chinese Painting.

Neolithic Age, c. 10.000 years ago.

Neolithic Age, c. 10.000 years ago.



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